Release Notes: NCTI Standard Windows / CRM Version

Dear NFON customers,

We would like to inform you about the upcoming release of NCTI Standard Windows / CRM version The update will take place on Thursday, January 23rd 2020 at 4 pm (CET).

Below you will find the release notes:

#10810 Support of Yealink T53 (FW
#11086 Support of Yealink T53 for the Lync client status “On the phone”
#10958 / AMB-543-23708 Support of snom Firmware
#11062 new CRM support: DATEV integration
#9972 Upgrade from the 64-bit version to the 32-bit version Level 1 of 2
#10956 Trunk length extension up to 4
#10974 Consistent behaviour of the remote-control window on Yealink devices
#10730 / IZY-449-18781 Stack overflow at too long proxy exception list fixed
#10854 & 10850 / NRH-125-67169 & OGW-985-22270 Improvement in determining the IP address of the client PC in case of multiple network interfaces
#10759 / ZLQ-657-89488 TAPI driver now signals second incoming calls when using TAPI3 Client
#11076 / YBL-161-42949 Fixed error in isolated ping requests to the phone and thus connection termination
#10639 Protocols Plugin now supports all 6 languages
#10753 Better log output regarding the Windows version
#10774 Output of the version number of the Microsoft XML library
#10934 / ZLL-592-90691 All plugins can be deactivated in the overview
#11063 solved: TAPI-Call remains in the status “Connected”.
#10235 solved: after longer “sleeping” of the computer no dialing with Yealink possible
#11092 Using the downloads directory for future updates after version

In case of problems please contact our support on +49 800 6366 555.

Best regards
Your NFON team

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